Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Circus fun

Hello, hope you all had a lovely Christmas :-) It is so nice being off work for a few days to just chill out after the busy last couple of weeks. Today we went and saw a movie and then bought some peri peri chicken and gourmet sausages from the butcher on the way back to the car and had an impromptu BBQ when we got home. One of Siobhan's Christmas presents was a hula hoop and as well as being used for its traditional intention, of course you can also have fun teaching your dog circus skills. They also thought about the cat but didn't like their chances. Buffy however, as long as food was involved, was more than happy to be their willing subject. If you enlarge the top photo you will notice the crazed look in her eyes lol!

Hmm, somehow don't think we're quite ready for the agility tests at the Royal Show. Actually come to think of it, pugs aren't usually the featured breed in agility tests - check out the "height" of the hoop!