Pug Rescue Victoria fund raising

Disclaimer:  This page is separate to my Stampin' Up! business and blog and as it is being set up for charity purposes I would appreciate this fact being observed and respected.  I am not setting out to deliberately promote other products but may not necessarily be using exclusive Stampin' Up! products either. 

My dear little pug Buffy, who has been with us for nearly 4 years now, is a rescue pug. She was the product of a broken marriage and was surrendered at only 13 months old. She came to her forever home with us at 16 months with the only medical expenses from the rescue service, Pugadise in NSW, needing to have done before rehousing her was desexing.  Buffy was very lucky as many of the pugs that are surrendered to rescue services have quite extensive medical problems such as breathing problems due to being overweight or having smaller than usual airways, they can have eye problems and there seem to be a few now with demodex mange. I am not saying I am an expert in this field, but a lot of these problems come from puppies being the product of backyard breeders and puppy farms - the demodex mange in particular as once a dog has this they cannot be bred as it will carry on.  Anyway, the reason I am starting this page is to try and raise some money for Pug Rescue Victoria who are a non profit Melbourne pug rescue service. Pug Rescue do a wonderful job and have been in the press for their efforts - you may have read about 3 legged Ed and his prosthetic leg, and my favourite little girl Cookie who was covered in demodex mange. Pug Rescue spend thousands on vet bills to fix up these beautiful little dogs so that they can go to their forever homes.  I had the idea to make some pug themed cards that could either be sold to raise money or to be given as thankyou's to the vets and other people who help Pug Rescue. I contacted Joanna the owner of Pug Rescue who thought it was a marvellous idea but with the day to day time constraints of running Pug Rescue did not have the resources to be able to sell the cards but would be happy for me to try to sell them through my blog. I have bought one pug stamp so far and am not sure if I will get others or just make some general cards as well. I am still nutting this out so bear with me but if you would like some cards of any theme making up I am happy to do so. I will probably put some general designs up.  Anyway you can read all about Pug Rescue and their wonderful work here:

Pug Rescue and Adoption Victoria


and maybe even adopt yourself a little puggy - you will not regret it :-)

Stay tuned for further updates

Gail and Buffy xxx