Join my Team

If you would like some information on becoming a demonstrator yourself, please contact me at I can send you out an information pack or meet you for coffee to discuss further.  I am a Manager and have a steadily growing team.  I can honestly tell you that I have got the BEST bunch of girls in my team, the Gail Force Stampers, and we all have a lot of fun together. I have a team forum where we chat about stamping and other things, share ideas, post projects, set challenges and are always there for each other. We also try and schedule team get togethers. I am not going to say we have these regularly as we don't -  but we try! We also have stands at many of the major craft shows in Melbourne and while participation is up to you, it is a great way of getting your business up and running and keeping it going.

If you join, you will certainly not be alone. Stampin' Up! have a great website where everything you could possibly need to know and learn is there - I am even finding new things on there myself!  We also get a monthly magazine, Inspirations, which is full of project ideas and business tips.  Stampin' Up! provide an annual convention - a 3 day event full of ideas, swapping, training, knowledge, stamping, socialising and FREE stamps!!!  2011 is in Melbourne!!!!  We also have a regional training day once a year which is like convention on a smaller scale and is still lots of fun and you still get FREE stamps! 

You really can't lose being a demonstrator. Stampin' Up! put no pressure on you to do more than you want - some just join to receive their kit at a discount and that's it! No pressure to do x number of parties to qualify etc. The starter kit costs $324 and is worth $590 of product - most of which you get to choose to suit your own tastes (plus another $80 approx of business supplies included).  Until 31st July, 2010, the kit is on special for $259 - a saving of $65.   We also get all the benefits that our customers do ie. place a $300 order and receive a level 1 hostess set plus $30 of free product. Any specials we receive our demonstrator discount off the special price. There are also incentives throughout the year to receive free stamps.

You can also earn money! Imagine that! If you would like some more information please contact me - I'd love to have you in my team :-)