Sunday, October 17, 2010

Got Ribbon?

Oh my poor, sad neglected blog! I am going to "try" and post more often and get some cards up (when I actually get around to making some!). The new catalogue is now up and running and I've had a very busy September with workshops and here we are in October with a new special which started yesterday and runs until the end of November. To help you get started on your Christmas cards, Stampin' Up! have bundled some of the popular sets into, well, bundles and with each one you can choose a roll of selected ribbon for free!

So basically, if you buy one of these:

You can choose one of these for free!

You can also qualify for a free roll of ribbon if you host a workshop with $550 sales. Please contact me if you would like to take advantage of any of these specials.

The real red polka dot ribbon was out last year as well and I made this - it was our 2009 Christmas photo of the kids and I put this together to go into a photo frame for my mum. I normally have to contend with the kids pulling faces, looking the wrong way etc but throwing Buffy in tripled this!

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