Monday, March 8, 2010

Sweet Treats

I just remembered I forgot to add pictures of these when I made them. These are cards using the new Sweet Treat cups in the Summer mini catalogue. You punch out a circle with the new 1 3/4" punch, pop in your sweet treat cup, fill it with goodies of choice and then stick it down - the cup has an adhesive lining. Or if you are really clever...and to stop the recipient of the card from tearing your precious artwork to shreds to get to said goodies you can make a little sliding door that opens at the back to get the goodies out. This is what I have done here and I am by no means saying I am clever - it took me demoing these at 4 workshops to finally get it right lol! I also made an easter one which was really sweet, filled with tiny easter eggs. This was after a trip back to the shops to get eggs that fitted inside the cups - der!

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