Monday, March 8, 2010

Stamping up a Storm!

Photos courtesy of Juliana Main

Well! This weekend was the Paperific show held at the Flemington show grounds which just happened to be one of the worst hit areas in the storms that lashed Melbourne on Saturday! Around 3pm, just as I was finishing up my make and take project the rain on the roof suddenly started getting very loud and next thing HAIL was coming down through the roof! Large amounts of rain started coming through - very worrying with all the electrics around, the lights were half off and the evacuation sirens were sounding yet people just wanted to keep on shopping - we papercrafters are a very dedicated lot! We were just as bad racing around getting photos to scrapbook lol! It was pretty scary though, I kept thinking the roof was going to come down from the weight of the hail and water. We evacuated the building and couldn't believe the hail piled up, it looked as if it had been snowing. Getting home was hairy to say the least. The 40 min trip took me 2 hrs and I had to detour several roads, quite a feat for someone with no sense of direction - thank goodness for my Tom Tom! Due to the building being deemed unsafe the show was cancelled for Sunday which was very sad for everyone involved. Returning on Sunday morning I was expecting to find our display boards and 3D items ruined but everything was ok. A lot of cars in the carpark had hail damage, including mine although I didn't even notice it at first. Most are getting written off as not worth repairing not sure about mine. I think it's ok but DH said could be a problem if we wanted to sell it. Thankfully no-one was injured at the show or getting home but things were certainly bleak - even typing this now I am getting sad again. So I'll go and make a cup of tea, turf the pug outside to go to the toilet (wish me luck on that one, she's happily snoring away on the sofa) and say goodnight!

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