Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A photo a day challenge

Ok so this is my goal for 2010 and look, I don't have any photos to put up lol! Once I finish my first week I will put them up. I have given myself the challenge of taking a photo a day - and so far have kept this up. At the end of the year I will have a whole album completed of random shots of our daily life to look back on. I've always wanted to do this and have been taking random shots for a few years now but haven't done anything with them. I have put the photos into 12 x 12 divided page protectors with a slot for the title showing which week it is, then a space for each photo and then journalling cards along the bottom. It's all very simple with just strips of patterned paper on the cards for embellishment. I know someone who did this last year and she had the week set out over 1 page but I didn't seem to be able to get this to fit so have spread it across 2 pages so each of my layouts will be doubles. At the moment the kids are very excited to see what the "photo of the day" is going to June I am sure they will be running for cover when they see me with my camera lol! The true addict err...enthusiast that I am, I even went out and bought a very small camera that I can keep in my bag so that I am always ready. I had only bought my big SLR camera with me to Perth and although I do have a small pocket camera back in Melbourne as well I really decided I needed to get this one. It was only a cheap one and may double as a birthday present for DS's birthday in Feb lol!


Karen said...

Hi Gail!!

Just read your comment on Keeshie's blog and cracked up laughing! I have to admit to being the tiniest bit (ok a HUGE BIT!) excited to have my mate Keeshie shifting over to my side of the country! I can see a few quantas flights being taken by the 2 of us thats for sure!

Happy new year to you - hope 2010 will be a great one for ya!


Gail Kirby said...

Hi Karen!

LOL! So isn't Keesh going to be really close to you? I thought she was moving to Cairns??? oh hang on, are you in Townsville?

Hope you also have a great new year. Look forward to seeing you in Sydney????

XX Gail