Thursday, February 12, 2009


What a horrific week we have had in Victoria. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the people who have lost homes or loved ones. I am not near the affected areas, nor have any family or friends in the areas either but it is just so devastating. The news coverage of it is constant and the number of lives lost goes up daily. The stories are horrific. I used to live in a cyclone area of Western Australia and I have been through cyclones and seen roofs, pieces of wood and metal and other debris flying around the sky as if they were feathers. Imagine this, but with these same objects on fire. On Saturday afternoon I came out of an indoor swimming pool where my daughter had been at a birthday party and we stayed on as it was such a hot day (46.4 degrees). The sky was dark and an extremely strong wind was blowing, I felt as if I had to fight just to stay grounded. It reminded me so much of the time just before a cyclone was going to hit.

It is very sad but at the same time there is hope as stories of survival emerge and everyone is rallying around to do what they can to help. To raise money I am running some Stamp a Stacks at my house. The cost will be $20 pp which includes all the materials to make 10 cards with refreshments included. The dates are:

Wed 18th Feb at 10.00am
Sun 22nd Feb at 1.00pm
Tues 24th Feb at 7.30pm

The entire $20 will be going to the appeal. I am hoping to have around 30 people in total which will raise $600.

Today Stampin' Up! announced it's fund raising drive. 50% of the retail cost of the following sets of stamps will be going to the fund. On top of this, I will be taking my 20% commission off the price as well. You can either use this discount to buy the set cheaper or I will send it to the appeal. The sets are as follows:

Looks Like Spring* $58.95 you pay $47.16
The Snowflake Spot* $39.95 you pay $31.96
Bodacious Bouquet* $58.95 you pay $47.16
Polka Dots and Paisley* $35.95 you pay $28.76
G'Day Mate* $35.95 you pay $28.76
Be Happy* (sob!) $39.95 you pay $31.96
Priceless $48.95 you pay $39.16
Seeing Spots $29.95 you pay $23.96
Baroque Motifs $39.95 you pay $31.96
Live Your Dream (from current summer mini) $55.95 you pay $44.76

Sets with the asterisks are going to be retired at the end of the current catalogue so they may go quickly.

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