Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hand me my scarf and mittens!

Thank goodness it is a bit cooler today - a chilly 37 lol! Yesterday was 45.1 and the 2 previous days were around 44. Even sitting inside with the airconditioning didn't help. A lot of areas lost power, including Crown casino which had to be evacuated, there were fires and lots of trains were cancelled so I am very thankful that all I had to worry about was sitting at home trying to stay cool. I really feel for the poor commuters stuck in the city trying to get home. It used to happen occasionally when I lived in Perth and worked in the city but it was a pretty rare event. Yesterday I was meant to be doing the prep for my workshop today and I just couldn't get around to doing it but then by 8pm last night it was much cooler outside and by 10pm it was cooling down inside and I had a whole new burst of energy and stayed up until after 2am stamping, it was wonderful - I was so inspired! Sure made a big mess though lol! I always seem to find that inspiration hits me late at night no matter how much beforehand I try to start planning it just never seems to come together until the night before. I think it's the quietness and I can just think better. For as long as I've been stamping I've always had a cat join me in my late night stamping adventures and Charlotte is no different. She likes to sit on the table next to me and play with strips of cut cardstock she fishes out of my scrap bowl. I will be back to post some projects we made today :)

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