Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Checking in

Well I am back from 10 days in the Grampians. It was a lovely break and in light of losing Coco, was nice to get away. It was hard at first having so much spare time, she was constantly in my thoughts but towards the end I realised that it probably would have happened sooner or later regardless of whether or not DH (called something else for quite a while) let her out before checking the gates were closed and she should have come back to him when he called her. Not sure if we will get another one or not. The kids are begging but for now it's nice to just have a bit of a break - she was pretty full on. We have considered getting another burmese cat instead but we'll see. I do miss having Coco around. Charlotte the cat isn't too bad, she does walk around maiowing looking for her but I think is also revelling in the ability to lie peacefully on the floor without being body slammed by an 11kg pug! I know exactly how that feels when she slammed into my head a couple of years ago when I was lying on the floor with a torch looking for a stamp they'd knocked under a bookcase during one of their midnight chases! Projected light in any form drove her crazy - there is even a You Tube video online of someone doing "pug bowling" with their pug and they have set up bowling pins, polished the floor and shone a torch beam along the floor and the dog chases the beam and knocks down the pins! The kids had been planning to try this out with Coco but unfortunately didn't get the chance. I would also like to thank everyone who has sent me their kind words and thoughts and I have even received a few beautiful hand stamped (of course!) sympathy cards. I really appreciate everyone's kindness :-)

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