Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blogging Frenzy!

Ok, well to get a certain downline off my back I am going to do a few quick posts all in one hit! The craft show at Jeff Shed went very well and we will be back there next year. One thing....I wish they'd get the names sorted out! Not being from Melbourne and hence having not worked in the city etc I got a tad confused with the names. One is the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre (Jeff Shed?) and the other is the Convention Centre and when I was going there for set up I went to the wrong one! I asked the parking guy and he told me where to go but he also obviously got confused with the names! Eventually after thinking I was going to get shut in an empty building - I was stuck between floors in the lift at one stage! I was calmed down by Anne Marie and then found my way out thanks to a passer by. During the day it was extremely easy to get to (the right building) and having the parking under the building is a great bonus.

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