Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just popping in


Be back tomorrow to upload some new cards. Survived the school holidays (just!) but now DD has come down with a terrible virus so think she will be missing the first day back at least. The workshop I had yesterday was cancelled as the hostess has got something sounding very similar and I also heard today of some other kids having it too so watch out for a cough and then a high temperature and lethargy. It's just been so cold here lately it's no wonder. Poor Siobhan is so sick and just not like her normal bouncy self at all. It's funny when I manage to get some Panadol into her and it starts to kick in and the old Siobhan starts to emerge and you hear the shrieking with laughter and annoying of the pets and her brother and then it wears off and sad, flat little Siobhan is back :-( Hopefully she will be back to her normal, albeit, in-your-face self very soon! Meanwhile, I will enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts!

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