Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well our 21 yr old Simpson top loader finally bit the dust. You don't realise how much you need a washing machine until you don't have one! We could still do the washing in it but it would have been quicker to go outside with a bucket and rock! The pump and the timer went so it was getting stuck and then not draining so we just put the draining hose into a bucket to drain the water out - a real eye opener as to how much water they use! I think it was about 8 nappy buckets full each time - and it had to be rinsed twice. A LOT of work just to do one load of washing. DH was determined he could fix it and went out to Simpson to get the parts, the same day I had been on the phone getting prices for a new one. The parts were $300 and then he couldn't get the old pump out but we had a friend from Perth coming to stay for a week and I needed to wash bedding etc so Nick went to a scratch and dent place near us and found a brand new front loader (with a dent in the side)for $240. It's a bit small only being 5kg (the old one was 10kg) but will do the trick for the time being. In the end I am loving the front loader and the small loads mean a much smaller pile to fold, iron and put away.

As you can see from the photo, Coco was absolutely fascinated with it!


Chris said...

Yeah! You've broken your blogging drought!

Coco is so cute *g*


Gail Kirby said...

LOL! When I saw the comment so soon I thought it must be Karen *g*

Chris said...

*g* I am stalking you! Actually I saw on my link to your blog that you'd updated and got so excited I had to come straight over and comment.



Bridget Larsen said...

Front loaders are the way to go, they are so economical on water and seem to wash the clothes better with the way it agitates and drying is awesome, the clothes come out ready to wear.