Sunday, November 29, 2009

Summer Mini Blog Hop!

First of all - Hi Leonie (she's checking my blog!)

On Tuesday 1 December the new Summer Mini catalogue is being released. One of the Stampin' Up! yahoo groups I am on, ESAD (Extremely Special Aussie Demonstrators) will be running a blog hop. Some of the members of this group, myself included, will each feature a project using items from the mini on their blogs with links to follow to visit other blogs. We go live at 6am on Tuesday. Apparently there is a way of setting it to autopost....think I'll just be setting the alarm for 5.45am lol! You need to leave a comment on each blog you visit and if you make it through all of the blogs you will win a prize! Pretty cool and also a great way of seeing different uses for the products. I have no idea what I'm doing yet (I'm KIDDING Leonie *g*) but I am thinking of doing one of my projects with a Twilight theme as I have just gotten back from seeing New Moon with some fellow demonstrators at Gold Class at Crown. Very decadent and I don't think I'll ever be able to go to the normal cinemas again!!! I loved the movie and can see myself swaying from Team Edward onto Team Jacob lol! My sister did warn me about Edward's lipstick (it was to make him look paler apparently) but it looked a bit odd! He looks much better in the Italian scenes without it. Anyway I digress - see you back here on Tuesday!


Leonie said...

rofl Gail I had to laugh with your very first sentence!! Can I say no Twilight themes allowed?? man i can see the glares already ... havent watched any of it and havent read any of it and I really have NO desire to either - why would I when I could be stamping?? haha!

Gail Kirby said...

LOL! I warn you now, I started reading them this time last year thanks to Nicki Stalker and NOTHING else got done!!! Twilight themed project all ties in and involves chocolate!!! Am I allowed to use Baroque Motifs as part of it? If not I can use a swirl out of one of the new sets...or maybe I'll just put it in as a bonus project *g*