Sunday, October 18, 2009

Out of my comfort zone!

My friend and downline, Felicity, makes the most gorgeous 3D items - boxes, bags, interactive albums etc. I, however, do not lol! At our WCMD event Flick had set up a table with some of her 3D items on display and a few of my stamp club ladies who happened to be there noticed the stepper (or fantasy keepsake box as it's also known) box and asked if I could show them how to make one - eeeeek!!!! Felicity showed a few of our team how to make them a month or so ago but I decided to bring along some cards to finish off instead so now of course I was wishing I had joined in the class! Anyway, I had a play and I just could not believe how easy it was! So the Stamp Club ladies made them and were very happy with the results! They will be great for putting chocolates or small presents etc in as little gifts for Christmas. Siobhan has discovered that each box is the right size to hold a Littlest Pet Shop toy and was amusing herself by having her dragonfly LPS's flying up to "their bedrooms" where the mummy dragonfly LPS tucked them in and kissed them goodnight! So sweet :-)

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