Sunday, October 18, 2009

and another fundraiser!

On Wednesday night myself and Chris (against her better judgement!) ran a fund raising cardmaking night for one of my daughter's friends who has type 1 juvenile diabetes. There were 24 ladies, most of whom had NEVER seen stamping before! I certainly created some glitter addicts that night! Everything was covered in glitter by the end. We made 8 cards and only 1 of them was actually 'supposed' to have glitter on it *g* It was a fun night, a bit crazy but a lot of fun :-) and we helped to raise lots of money :-) Myself and Chris each designed 4 cards and the ladies made them all in turn. Here are mine. You can click on the image to make it bigger to see the cards in better detail. I just did this and realised the cupcake one needs to go in a new cello bag - this one (being from my craft show display board) is looking a tad grubby!

Featuring Snow Swirled, Tree Trimmings and Crazy for Cupcakes. There was a 4th card featuring the Great Friend set but that seems to have gone missing...or I could have sent it someone!

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Chris said...

y'know, someone probably nicked the Great Friends card - it was a hit!

Thanks for asking me to help out - it was fun, but exhausting - and glad to help raise funds for Billie, she's such a sweetheart