Sunday, July 19, 2009

Touching base


No cards posted as yet - got to photograph them. I have a new car! A 2007 Ford Falcon BF. I know, not my ideal choice, I wanted another Camry but apparently the newer models won't tow a camper trailer - don't ask! The car is actually very easy to drive except that I have to have the seat so far forward to reach the pedals that if the air bag ever goes off it will kill me lol! I was a bit skeptical on the fuel consumption but I drove it out to Hampton Park on Friday and then down to Frankston yesterday and it's hardly made a mark on the guage which is good. I am enjoying some peace and quiet while Nick has taken the kids out today for a drive in the new car to go and look at camper trailers.... I have been sorting out orders that arrived during the week but haven't yet had time to even look at.

Starting Thursday my team and my friend Naomi's team are taking part in the Craft and Quilt Show (Jeff's Shed). So come and say hi if you are there. We will have show specials and showbags as well as round the clock demonstrations. The show is open from 9 am - 5pm each day and until 8pm on Saturday night (that was a fun shift last year - not!). I am only able to be there on the Thursday due to going away on the Scraptacular retreat which I just cannot wait for! Total luxury - no cleaning up after little people or little dogs, beautiful meals that I don't have to cook, non stop scrapping and on tap percolated coffee.....err going on last year's experience I might give the on tap coffee a miss this year! It was delish and I drank so much I couldn't sleep the entire weekend! I can normally drink tea and coffee quite late at night and it never affects me. Maybe red wine might be a better bet this year *g* I am on a mission to get all my photos from our 1995 trip to the US scrapped. The biggest hurdle will be remembering where we were. I was smart enough to keep a trip diary so if I can find that I'll be all set. We went to so many aquariums on that trip if I turf all of those out it will cut the number of photos down by half lol!

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