Monday, July 6, 2009

It's getting a bit chilly in Melbourne!

Here's one for a laugh! I put Buffy's new coat on her on Saturday before she went outside to play with the kids. It's very hard to get the coat on when she's trying to chew it at the same time! I think the black is very slimming on her and Siobhan (who's just finished studying dinosaurs at school) said the peaked collar makes her look like a Triceratops lol!


Sam said...

LOL Gail! I could use one of those snazzy little coats myself today. It is cold here too.


Gail Kirby said...

I know I shouldn't make her look even funnier than she already does but it's so easy lol! It's polar fleece lined with the waterproof safety vest style outside but I think I need to cut a hole for her tail! I got a size up than needed thinking that the size down may not go around her middle! I noticed you were heading for your minus 2 overnight temps again. Have got our heating on but couldn't feel it earlier - maybe the fact that Buffy is sleeping right over the nearest vent to my desk has something to do with it!

dreampuppies said...

Buffy is such a lucky girl to be loved so much by you! She looks really happy and healthy. Please give her a hug from me, Phoebe

Gail Kirby said...

Of course I will Phoebe! Oh she is just so gorgeous!!! She's curled up on the sofa, wafting pug hair onto the pile of clothes I have waiting to be put away and snoring loudly! We really do just absolutely love her to bits!