Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What is it with my dogs and SU products??

Ok, some of you would have heard/read about my previous x/pug Coco chewing up my Close to Cocoa marker. Getting Buffy prenamed with no SU products sounding anything like her name I thought I would be safe....no! So far she has had a chew on packs of cardstock, a stamp set still inside it's plastic container, the glue stick shown in the previous post, she just LOVES the cardboard boxes the orders arrive in and also has chewed on "the mothership" the trolley I take to workshops. On Sunday she came into the kitchen acting as if she had something nasty tasting or sticky inside her mouth she was trying to get rid of. She chews all kinds of things up so I wasn't surprised. I washed her face and gave her some water and she seemed to be ok. Then I went off wondering what she could have gotten hold of this time. Then I saw a new bottle of crystal effects still in it's plastic bag sitting on the sofa. I picked it up and it was sticky! Then I saw the puncture marks..that is what she'd got. Thankfully it's non toxic but I had to go and find a replacement bottle to put it in before it all leaked out and/or dried out.

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