Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hi all,

Hope everyone's having a nice day and not feeling too ill on chocolate! My kids were up bright and early to find the eggs I'd hidden out for them (well out of reach of the dog!). One year when Jackson was about 4, as I was wandering around late at night looking for places to hide them, I decided (as a joke) to put one on the top of the toilet cistern. Jackson just could not believe I'd put one there and then I decided to keep up that tradition and it's now the first place he goes to look lol!

So I had planned to use the break to do some stamping and get my stamping area sorted out (it's a disaster zone once again) but procrastination has gotten the better of me - I have however, sorted out all the DVD's tidily onto a bookcase and watched several episodes of Season 3 of Melrose Place. I now have to pace myself until Season 4 is released. My friend Chris came over yesterday with the plan to get started on our swaps for Convention which is only a few weeks away now. Well...we got started - finishing is another story lol! I just always seem to need that "night before" adrenalin to get me going! Above is one batch that I've finally finished, covering myself and the Pug in pink ultrafine glitter in the process! The outlining with the grey marker was Chris's suggestion and it definately makes it pop. As a swap I am not sure how this will go down, as due to religious beliefs some may not like it and I sincerely hope I don't offend any of my blog readers. I was actually inspired by my daughter's undies that are in this colour scheme with the skulls and hearts on it! As soon as I showed her the finished card she immediately commented on what it looks like lol! The set (Just Jawing $45.95) is good for teenage cards and also features a cluster of stars, a pair of cherries, a flower and a little bow. I could picture some boy cards using the stars by themselves.


Karen said...

Ohhhhhh Gail!! I'd love one of those swaps!! I don't have that set and your card is a fantastic way to show that set off!!!

Not long now huh!


PS - thanks for the lovely comment you left on my rose card too!:)

Chris said...

The outlining worked a treat! They look great!

Gail Kirby said...

Karen I was going to make a special rooster one for you lol! Actually Buffy chewed up my spare rooster one so looks like it could be the Just Jawing one afterall!