Friday, April 24, 2009

Busy Busy Stamping Stamping

Well I am getting my swaps done. Have got 60 all finished and sealed up in their cello bags. I want to do another 40 but am doing 20 of each design so have to come up with another 2 designs. Have so many stamps I want to use! How can I choose? I am waiting on a new camera to come in so won't take a photo of my finished ones just yet. I meant to call in to check if it was in tonight when I was at Southland but just got so excited when I found the next seasons of Melrose Place (season 4) and BH90210 (season 6) on the shelves that I forgot all about it! I bought BH90210 and Melrose can wait for Mother's Day :-) I am currently in the middle of season 3 of Melrose and it's gripping stuff! Kimberley has stolen Jo's baby! Will she get it back??? Will Matt's boyfriend move in with him? Will Jane get the money stolen from her business by her Australian fiancee (who also kidnapped Sidney) back? Well I am about to go and find out while I do some more stamping!

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