Monday, December 29, 2008


Well I have been missing in action for a while. I, like quite a few of my friends, have been holed up in Forks, Washington! Yes I too have succumbed to the "Twilight" series of books by Stephenie Meyer. I was warned they were addictive and nothing else would get done and I have to say that Christmas nearly didn't get done! I just love these books and have nearly finished the 3rd one, Eclipse and still have Breaking Dawn to buy - probably tomorrow. They are all really thick books and one of them I read 3/4 of in one sitting. I have also seen the movie and plan on seeing it again. I am not lying when I say Christmas very nearly didn't get done - in fact it only really got 2/3 rds done which I do feel a little bad about now :-( The tree didn't go up (I bought a tiny fibre optic one instead), the house decorations didn't go up (I actually only found them this morning). I did get my cards made and posted off, albeit on 22nd Dec.... I just seemed to run out of time this year. Next year I am making a game plan and starting in November! Working extra days during December didn't help but there was also tons of stuff going on with DS finishing primary school and preparing for high school. We were out most nights of the week and I was working during the day. DS's last day of primary school was very sad. I'll still be there with DD so it wasn't too bad for me, but some of those kids and mums I've known since kindy and prep and will probably never see again. Those 7 years have just totally flown (and I am still yet to scrap a single one of them!). I was also busy making a keepsake album for DD's teacher. Myself and another mum did one last year for their prep teacher but this year I decided to keep it a little simpler and bound together 6 x 6 page protectors covered in chipboard and held together with binder rings (ring are thanks to Pauline - see link on sidebar, cannot remember how to link in post!). For each child there was a page with a photo of them and their name and then another page with a drawing and a few lines about what they liked about their teacher. Very simple and I thought I had given everyone plenty of time to get the info back to me. 3 weeks after the deadline closed and 2 weeks before the end of school I was still waiting on about half the about stress. A few parents never even got their info back to me at all which is a shame but at least I was able to get a photo of their child in. I ended up taking my Kodak printer dock camera to school and took photos of the missing kids - I got them all on the way back from art which was a bonus. A few of us went out to dinner to hand the album to the teacher, which I finished at about 1.30pm on the same day. She loved it so it was all worth it and I loved doing it but it will be a long time before I take on something like this again!

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