Monday, June 2, 2008


Ok, to tie in with the eScape promo this month, above is the Love Notes box and Love Notes cards that we are making at my Stamp Clubs this month. The box fits the Love Notes cards (or is that the cards fit the box???)that are included in the promo and uses the Circle of Friendship stamp set and the 1 1/4" punch also included in the promo. Shown are 3 sample cards that I made up (you get envelopes included in the pack and so did the stamp club ladies)but I let the ladies stamp and decorate their cards however they liked and this morning's group came up with some gorgeous (or is that GOJUS?!! See sidebard link to Jan Tink's blog)cards. The photo also goes to show "some readers* - not mentioning any names *g*)that I do actually stamp and not just waffle on this blog lol!

If you would also like to be a part of the stamp club, leave your details, I might have a spare spot or I can take names to start a 2nd club. Each month you make 2 cards (or a similar project) and commit to ordering $30 of product each month (for 10 months) and each month a different person takes it in turns to be the hostess and receive the hostess benefits. You might even have a group of your own friends that would be interested and I could come to you.


Jo said...

These are really cute Gail. I like the love notes, I just got some (before the promo) so I could get some of the 3x3 envies to make a template. I can't believe that you have just found Jan Tink's blog. She's a scream, isn't she.


Gail Kirby said...

Hi Jo, Yes you were the person I was referring to lol! Ah, that's a good idea to make a template out of the envelope,didn't think of that. One of my downline has been looking to see if we can get them somewhere else. They are available in the US catty.