Thursday, May 30, 2013

Retirement Lists


I am back from convention and had started typing up a post but lost it :-(  The photos were taking ages to upload so I will try again on the weekend when our broadband is renewed. Heaps of things to share and some great photos.  I also have a lot of blurred ones because I was laughing so much at times I couldn't hold the camera straight! Throw in the odd Ibis, some stress balls and a belly dancer and what happens on convention stays on convention!

In the meantime, the retirement lists will be up tomorrow on the Stampin' Up! website  It will be on the main page when you log on with a link to the lists. Stocks are while they last but this year with online ordering you may get a better chance of getting what you want early! Some items will be discounted but I have no idea what as I also have to wait until tomorrow to see it! Just go to and click on the shop now button and put in your item codes for any retirement items you would like to order. You can also combine them with regular items as well.  Your order will be delivered directly to your door and you will pay the min shipping charge of $5.95 on orders up to $119 and then 5% of the order total after that. When you consider that the small 500g red satchels from Aust Post are now nearly $8 this is exceptional value.

Will be back soon with more convention news and photos!

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