Monday, December 10, 2012

Beginning to look a little bit like Christmas....

Arrgh! (funny how most of my posts start with this). So this year I was going to be super organised and have everything done, cards posted, presents wrapped and fudge made all by 1 December. This hasn't happened :-(  I am a little organised though having made and delivered one lot of presents to some lovely regular customers.  This is my famous fudge, that I only make at Christmas. I made it in the thermomix this year and it was a little different to usual and I wasn't sure about the first batch I'd made so didn't use it hence why the jars aren't quite so full!  The jars are tied up with the new Cherry Cobbler scallop edged tulle - love this stuff!  It is so soft and stretchy, not at all like you would think when you think of tulle.

These are the cards that went with them

We also celebrated Buffy's 5th birthday a couple of weeks ago - and I always say she won't make it to her next birthday with her "if I can get it in my mouth I will eat it" mentality lol! Many of the things she eats or tries to eat are definately not edible and I am always pulling things out of her mouth - it is like living with a toddler.  Here she is working out whether or not the candles are edible...... She is just so beautiful :-)

Well I will be back with more Christmas cards once I finish sticking them together - at least the hard part's been done now!

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