Monday, April 19, 2010

The REAL Reason Stampin' Up! Introduced Clear Mount Stamps!

It's because after 13 years I have finally found the perfect way to varnish my wooden blocks! Above are the 6 stamps sets I earnt for FREE (is that a tourtology?) during the recent Sale A Bration promotion. I earnt 3 for my sales and 3 for recruiting. I used to try and varnish all my stamps by putting them out on glad bake and using a paint brush and tin of varnish but it was a bit of a pain - even though is is made easier with the SU blocks being clean (free of rubber) to start with. I found that even though I put glad wrap over the varnish before sealing the tin eventually it would still end up drying out and thus needing another trip out to get some more. On one recent such trip I discovered the spray on varnish so thought I'd try it and it's brilliant! You just spray and then clear the nozzle by spraying the can upside down and it's good to go for the next time.

So first of all you lay out all your stamps on glad bake (outdoors is a sensible choice) and note that I have written underneath the blocks which set they are for to save wasted time in trying to work out which blocks go with each rubber die later. Trust me on this one!!! And then you just spray across all the blocks in one fell swoop. I only varnish the side the rubber goes on, I don't worry about the side the clear label is on. The alphabet set, being double mounted, will need varnishing on both sides. So there you go, very very easy and keeps your stamps looking brand new.

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