Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Saw this costume last night and couldn't resist! Can't say the lycra is very flattering on those puggy rolls lol! Siobhan is going out trick or treating later today with her friend and I am going to go along and bring Buffy too - good luck girls in beating her to the treats lol!

Hopefully I will have a couple of cards to post later. Have been laid up with a flu bug for the past week and still not feeling 100%. I thought it was just a little cough and cold but no, can't believe it's hung around so long but I've heard of a few people having a similar thing.


Chris said...

Hmmm, it's not really right for her body shape LOL. Is it my imagination or does she look just a tad embarrassed *g*
Have a fun night!

Karen said...

LOl - just love that little lycra outfit Gail! Definitely made me smile today! lol


Pauline said...

Yikes, I'm wearing a top just that colour today! Does it make my tail look fat?

So sorry you're sick - hope you bounce back soon.