Monday, March 23, 2009


Well there was a reason for the large retirement list this year, it was to bring us more in the line with the US version and they have done just that! I haven't quite received my copies yet (borrowed one off a friend - thanks Flick!)but I should have them this week. If you would like a copy please get in touch, they are $10 if you are near me and I can drop off or you can collect or $15 to post out to you. Once again they are full of inspiring ideas. The new In Colours are gorgeous and they all go with Chocolate Chip......

Now off to tackle the ironing pile and clean up all the paper Buffy has shredded up....oh she is soooo cute! I took her for her first walk last night and it was strange bumping into the usual dog walkers/neighbours who knew Coco and they did a double take when they saw Buffy. Were sad to hear about Coco but also commented on how much calmer Buffy is!

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