Friday, September 26, 2008

Fun Day!

Yesterday, against my better judgement, I took the kids to the Melbourne Show. We had a great day with no-one getting lost, injured, sunburnt or sick although Siobhan did get pecked by one of the chickens she was cuddling (yes cuddling) in the animal nursery. I even found a Tupperware stand and they had products for sale so I was able to buy my own Tupperware showbag *g* It was a lovely day weather wise and it was also the day that the Pugs were on display. One of the breeders had his pugs out for people to pat and play with and the kids (and me!) had a lovely time with them. They are just so cute! I'd love to get another one, maybe an all black one this time, but DH would probably divorce me. Coco would either love it or be jealous and things are already pretty chaotic with her and the cat without throwing another dog into the mix. I certainly couldn't see her sharing her chicken with anyone either! Her and Charlotte almost came to blows a couple of minutes ago when Charlotte was having a peek inside Coco's Pedigree showbag lol! I've had to put it away where neither of them can get to it. They are worse than the kids sometimes.

We went on the Ferris Wheel now called the Sky View. Quite an achievement as I am terrified of heights! It wasn't so bad as the carriages are completely sealed in. Not like the old days when they were open and you just had that little bar going across your legs! Right at the very top though it was swinging quite a bit and the sound of the wind rushing underneath was a bit unnerving! Thankfully we weren't kept at the top for very long.


Pauline said...

Well done, Gail, You are very brave!!

kazy2004 said...

gee Gail,
I just had to have a mega catch up. Love the cards with the icy pole stick. Glad you had fun at the show.

See ya soon.
Cheers Karen