Sunday, August 24, 2008

More cards

What can I say? I'm on fire lol! Here is a card that I made for my son's friend Michael, who is turning 12 - I remember when they were 4!!! The orange and green (ahem, Groovy Guava and Certainly Celery) spotty card was for a workshop I was meant to do on the weekend but it has been rescheduled for a later date. I was going to save it and post it after the workshop but I need to keep blogging to keep Karen off my back :-p

There are also 2 Cuttlebug cards - one for my friend's daughter Mia who turned 8 recently and the 40th is for my little brother who was 40 last week. Amazing he made it that far really given the dangerous games me and my sister used to play with him. A favourite was Blind Man's Bluff where we would blind fold the then 3 yo Mark, spin him around as fast as we could and send him tottering off on his fat little legs usually into the nearest wall or post. Our childhood home was not very child friendly to say the least and had lots of dark mahogany fittings and posts all with very sharp edges and corners. Sadly, these games usually ended up in tears....Mark after cutting his head open and me and Karen when our parents found out lol!


Chris said...

Look at you posting like mad! Loving the workshop card, I will be casing that for sure.

And LOL at your childhood story - I can't believe you would do that to the poor kid! Sounds like big sisters/brothers are the same the world over *sigh*

(signed) a little sister

Gail Kirby said...

Mark split his head open 3 times in the space of about 18 months! They all needed stitches. I really don't know how mum coped with it, one time it was so deep she could see his skull. He always came home from the hospital with lollipops which we were jealous of! Then he got my sister back years later when he put her arm through a washing machine mangle!!! People these days complain kids have too many gadgets and computers etc but they sure are safer lol!

kazy2004 said...

Proud, Proud, Proud :)

Cheers Karen