Thursday, May 1, 2008

Boyfriend for Coco!

I have got a mad little cross bred pug (top photo) - crossed with a pomeranian "Pugeranian" to alleviate the breathing problems that can come with some pure bred pugs. She is 95% pug in looks and character and doesn't have the breathing problems but she has inherited the barking side from the pomeranian! Pugs are being crossed with other dogs such as Beagles "Puggles" and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels "Pugaliers". When in Qld recently at Coolum Beach for the afternoon after we missed our flight, I came across Pugsley (bottom photo)who is a Pug/Maltese terrier - a Muggle??? I thought he would make a wonderful boyfriend for Coco! Aren't they cute together??? He's certainly got the "pug sit" right, they just always seem to splay their back legs out to one side. Also, the "lines" across Coco's rib cage that appear to be ribs are actually rolls of fat! I got a bit worried when I first saw that photo thinking she was looking a bit thin so I checked and definately no ribs showing there!

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