Sunday, May 25, 2008

Biggest Morning Tea

On Thursday I attended a Biggest Morning Tea that a mum from school runs each year. The day is hugely successful and goes all day and the array of cakes and morning tea - my goodness! This year, another mum from school, Michelle, who has her own business baking cakes and gingerbread joined forces with Fiona and hosted it at her house, those little cupcakes were just too cute to eat! We had a gorgeous day, sitting outside in the sun. Who knew when it had started out at about 4 degrees at 9am when dropping the kids off at school!

The last few years I have been making cards to be sold at the morning tea and they go quite well with the entire proceeds going to the cause. I don't know how many sold this year as I left the basket there when I went to get the kids. Hopefully at least $50 was raised from them. I made 28 and each sold for $2.50 but I don't expect them all to have sold. I also won one of the raffle prizes! And I got what I wanted, a scrapbooking package containing the "Scrapbooking with Lisa Bearnson 2" book which I had been after. So that was lucky (or rigged!!!!). I hope whoever won the Rich Regals cardstock pack I donated is having fun with it :-)

I have tons of time to plan to make these cards but being the Queen of Last Minute, once again was up until 3am on the morning of the morning tea finishing them off! I was having a good time though, it's been ages since I've just sat down and stamped and it's nice and quiet at that time of the night/morning with no distractions. As I mentioned, I only ended up making 27 or 28 and I really wanted to make more. Plus I thought the cards I made were very simple in design but the best thing about using Stampin' Up! products is that as everything coordinates even very simple cards can look absolutely stunning. I kept thinking I hadn't used this set or that set yet but it was getting later and later. I think I really could have stamped all night!

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